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Whelan Grandkids 2011

This one is for our parents.

Merry Christmas!

Chris & Lynette

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Caitrin – Tacoma Photographer

My favorite subject to photograph of all time is Caitrin. Caitrin is a sweet, sweet girl who loves getting her photograph taken. Sometimes she is a little silly, but her sessions are always a lot of fun.

As Caitrin is getting ready to “graduate” from middle school and enter high school, we want to let her know that we are proud of her and wish her all the best for much success in high school.


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Baby Lilian

This montage is of my newest niece, Lilian.

I was privileged to take her photographs a few weeks ago, along with her older brother and sister (who were so much fun). Lily was so good-definitely the best baby we’ve ever photographed.

Congrats Andrew and Heidi on the newest addition to your family. Enjoy the photos and the video.



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Baby Michael – Puyallup Photographer

Below are some photos of a mini-session we had with Baby Michael, the grandson of good friends of ours.

We had been asked to come over and take 1 large family portrait including great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. and thought that while we were there, we would snap a few photographs of baby Michael, who had not yet had an formal pictures taken on him despite being almost 6 months old. So we took advantage of the time that we were there, advantage of the fact that it was not nap time, and advantage of the fact that he is a good-natured baby in a good mood. Great timing and these photographs are wonderful.




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Another website up and going

Well, I hate to say it, but I have yet another photo website up and going. You can find it at:

Right now, it is almost a mirror image to The goal with this site it to continue with my efforts to manage a website that google can actually find (I’m having all sorts of problems with the flash-driven, third-party site I currently use), to use as a proofing site for my clients, but eventually to serve as the site in which I can sell some of my work online.

Enjoy the slideshows and new site.



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10 Tips for Photographing Babies

Smith_171I love taking photographs of babies. Ok, let me rephrase–I love taking pictures of happy babies! 🙂 Unfortunately for me, I don’t get to photograph them often enough. My own children have grown up so unless business calls, I don’t get much of a chance.

But when I do, I try to follow the follow the following simple guidelines. I post them here in the hopes that if you follow them, you may get some great photographs of your babies.

1.  Take pictures often – babies grow far too quickly so it is important to capture enough photos as they grow out of infancy.

2.  Get down on their level – move to their level, even if it means getting on the floor.

3.  Move in close … – fill the viewfinder or LCD with your subject and eliminate distracting objects.

4. … but try different angles – create some visual interest, especially in a series of photographs, by varying your angle.

5. … and don’t forget to get on their level – See tip #2.

6.  Capture feelings – feeling are emotions and it is ok to take photographs of emotion to capture a visually interesting moment in time.

7.  Include other people – babies don’t grow up in a vacuum, so it is ok to include grandparents, sibling, a new friend at the playground, etc.

8.  Show scale – use common object to show how your baby is growing.

9.  Use a plain background – a plain background will focus attention on your baby and will not be a distraction.

10. Use natural light whenever possible. Turn off the flash, and use natural light to create interesting shadows and highlights.

By following these simple tips, I know that you can snap some better photographs of your baby. Of course, these rules apply to other situations too.

God’s blessings.

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Baby Sophie

We are so excited to share these photos with you. This is Baby Sophie. She is such a sweet little girl. So quiet, so mellow. But she was not feeling too good (just getting over the flu) when we photographed her a few weeks back. But she was such a good sport for only being 5 months old while and really not feeling too well (we had to cut the session short to let her get back to sleeping).

We look forward to watching you grow up, Sophie!

Enjoy your photographs.





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2008 Baby and Children Photographs

Ok, in my first blog I said that I was going to repost all that I had posted in 2008, but I am now finding that it may be too much. So I decided to condense my 2008 baby and children photographs into 1 or 2 posts of my favorites from last year and post them that way. It will be easier for me and it may be easier for you to view.



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