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Fall Family Photos

Happy fall, everyone! We are well into our pre-Christmas prep; shopping, baking (my favorite) and photo sessions for the family Christmas cards.

Last Saturday, we had a beautiful break in our typical fall weather, allowing me to meet up with the Vitt family, at Wright Park, for their extended family photo session. Tom and Laurie have a beautiful and fun family. Previously, I had the pleasure of photographing their daughter, Kelli, for her senior session 2 years ago (see Oct 2014 post). I enjoyed Kelli so much, and was excited to have the opportunity to meet and shoot her family, as well. Tom and Laurie are great! Their grown children, Kelli, Dave and Dan, joined in and were able the get their photo for this year’s family Christmas card . Tom’s brother, Mike was in town and able to join in the group. Laurie had her 2 sisters, Julie and Brenda and her father, Mike, as well. It was a big fun happy group! I had a great time and enjoyed meeting you all!!

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of your session.



_DSC0307.JPG_DSC0334.JPG_DSC0337.JPG_DSC0353.JPG_DSC0394.JPG_DSC0411.JPG_DSC0417.JPG_DSC0313.JPG_DSC0425.JPGVitt-blog (1 of 1).JPG


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Bryan the Aviator

Happy beautiful Saturday morning, everyone!

On Valentine’s Day I was blessed to shoot my first Senior portrait session of 2016 with a terrific young man who has a passion for flight. Meet Bryan, an upcoming graduate from Tahoma High School in Maple Valley. Bryan and I met up at the Pierce County airport in Puyallup, where he and a group of high school students have been building an aircraft. Bryan told me he would be taking his flight test in this airplane next month. Very exciting! It was a dark, wet day, but we managed to dodge most of the rain and come out with some great images. Thank you to Bryan and his mom for making themselves available on Valentines Day. Also, thank you to my hubby for waiting a couple of extra hours for our celebration:)

Congratulations, Bryan! You’re gonna make a terrific pilot!





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Hi Folks,

Happy New Year. I pray that your Christmas was full of joy and special times spent with friends and loved ones.

I just wanted to give you a heads-up—we are back doing headshots again. With one caveat: groups only. Individuals can be done but with some conditions and limitations (call or email for details).

We recently completed a group of doctors who had come together at a local hotel for a conference and we were able to get 25 of their headshots completed while they were there (example below).

If your groups is interested, please consider giving us a call we’ll get you take care of.

In the mean time, blessings to you and your family.


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Congratulations, Nicole!

Occasionally, I get a chance to shoot a different kind of senior. Congratulations, Nicole! A recent graduate of Central Washington University, Nicole contacted me to commemorate her college career with a small photo session. Nicole was unable to walk with her classmates, and consequently, had no photo recognition. This is where I came into the picture (no pun intended). I was happy to help her out, and because she was now back at home and had an available schedule, Nicole thought this would be the perfect time to document this exciting time in her life. Thank you, Nicole, for being such a fun and willing participant:)

I wish you all the best in your career plans, Nicole. Stay in touch:)


Nicole-Low res (1 of 19).JPGNicole-Low res (16 of 19).JPGNicole-Low res (11 of 19).JPGNicole-Low res (7 of 19).JPGNicole-Low res (4 of 19).JPGNicole-Low res (18 of 19).JPGNicole-Low res (5 of 19).JPGNicole-Low res (19 of 19).JPG
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Wow! What a beautifully cool change to our weather here in the PNW! I hope you all are enjoying the reprieve we have been blessed with:)

I would like to introduce Veena to you all. I met Veena and her family earlier this week. Our photo shoot was to be a gift to Veena, from her parents, for her 20th birthday. I thought this was such a gift of love…that her parents would want to honor Veena with a commemoration of her departure from her teen years and usher her lovingly into her 20’s.  This is a wonderful, brilliant, sweet and beautiful young woman, who welcomed me into the privacy of her family relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed our session and am so excited to deliver to Veena and her family, this dedication.

Veena, I wish you all the best in your most prosperous future. I pray that you will find all of the success you are reaching for in these last few years of your college career. Please keep in touch with me. You are such a treasure now. I can’t wait to see the woman you become!


Veena-blog (1 of 1)-10.JPGVeena-blog (1 of 1)-4.JPGVeena-blog (1 of 1)-7.JPGVeena-blog (1 of 1)-8.JPGVeena-blog (1 of 1)-3.JPGVeena-blog (1 of 1)-5.JPGVeena-blog (1 of 1)-6.JPGVeena-blog (1 of 1).JPGVeena-blog (1 of 1)-2.JPG


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WSU Graduation

This is a special year here at the McKenna household. We have 2 graduates-Joseph and Caitrin!! Woohoo!! This blog is highlighting Joseph and his years as an Engineering student at Washington State University, and his girlfriend Molly, who is also graduating. I know it’s been a long long road to get here, but now, it is within spittin’ distance. In 3 weeks, we will have a college grad. Way to go, Joesph! We are so proud of you. You and Molly must be so excited to complete your degrees. Keep your eyes on the future and enjoy what it has in store for you. God bless you both.

Love, Mom and Dad

c56-Joseph and Molly (58 of 42).JPGJoseph and Molly (55 of 42).JPGc3-Joseph and Molly (35 of 42).JPGJoseph and Molly (32 of 34).JPGJoseph and Molly (5 of 34).JPGJoseph and Molly (19 of 34).JPGJoseph and Molly (53 of 42).JPGc23-Joseph and Molly (76 of 42).JPGJoseph and Molly (73 of 42).JPGc64-Joseph and Molly (60 of 42).JPGJoseph and Molly (9 of 34).JPGJoseph and Molly (3 of 34).JPGJoseph and Molly (1 of 34).JPGJoseph and Molly (23 of 34).JPGc34-Joseph and Molly (63 of 42).JPGc77-Joseph and Molly (69 of 42).JPGJoseph and Molly (13 of 34).JPG
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Caitrin’s Senior Photos

It was a beautiful afternoon at Owen Beach at Pt Defiance! A beautiful day for a beautiful young woman to have her senior portraits done. Caitrin will be starting her senior year at Franklin Pierce High School this fall. We have decided to try something different with her. Cat and I will be spreadng her senior session out over the course of the school year, shooting a mini session each month, and taking advantage of the many different sports and activities she has as well as all of the seasons throughout the year. This was our first session: Casual day at the beach. Look for some of Cat’s future sessions, as well: soccer, rainy day, snowy winter, Seahawks special and formal Prom. Thanks, Caitrin, for a great time out! You are a terrific model with an afinity for fun:) Here’s to a great senior year!!


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Alden-PHS 2014

Recently, I had the distinct honor of photographing Alden for his senior year. What an amazing young man!  Alden is gifted in the arts, so it was only fitting that he wanted his shoot at the Puyallup High School Performing Arts Center, where he spends much of his time. This was a unique location for me to shoot a senior, and I was so pleased with the unique backgrounds this location had to offer.

Thank you for the opportunity to honor your career at PHS, Alden.  It was a pleasure to meet you and your family.  Best wishes to you and your successful future.



Alden-Low res (33 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (13 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (1 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (16 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (24 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (3 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (17 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (6 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (9 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (26 of 34).JPG




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Lovely Grace-Senior Photos

The latest senior I photographed is Grace.  She embodies her name. What a lovely and sweet young lady, Grace is.  I thoroughly enjoyed out time together during her senior portrait session. With so much garbage throughout our young population, it is so refreshing to know that there are still young people with good values and manners that come from well grounded families.  Grace has restored my love for these young women. Thank you, Grace. And thank you, Kim, for sharing your most precious possession with me for a few hours.

Congratulations, Grace, on your senior year and upcoming graduation. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.



Please enjoy a sample of Grace’s photo session.

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Brett-Class of 2014

I had the great honor to photograph Brett this past weekend. What an awesome guy! We had a great time shooting his senior photos in downtown Tacoma near the Museum of Glass and UW Tacoma. Brett is a terrific athlete (this season on the football field) and so fun loving. As you can see from this small sample from his senior session, Brett is all smiles and spreads joy to all he comes in contact with. I can hardly wait ’til we meet up for the second half of his senior session. I am calling it the “stadium shoot”, where we will be concentrating on all things football. Enjoy these few photos of Brett, and stay tuned for round two!

Congratulations, Brett! We wish you the very best for your senior year and all that life will bring you. You truly are a light in this world.


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