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Alden-PHS 2014

Recently, I had the distinct honor of photographing Alden for his senior year. What an amazing young man!  Alden is gifted in the arts, so it was only fitting that he wanted his shoot at the Puyallup High School Performing Arts Center, where he spends much of his time. This was a unique location for me to shoot a senior, and I was so pleased with the unique backgrounds this location had to offer.

Thank you for the opportunity to honor your career at PHS, Alden.  It was a pleasure to meet you and your family.  Best wishes to you and your successful future.



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Lovely Grace-Senior Photos

The latest senior I photographed is Grace.  She embodies her name. What a lovely and sweet young lady, Grace is.  I thoroughly enjoyed out time together during her senior portrait session. With so much garbage throughout our young population, it is so refreshing to know that there are still young people with good values and manners that come from well grounded families.  Grace has restored my love for these young women. Thank you, Grace. And thank you, Kim, for sharing your most precious possession with me for a few hours.

Congratulations, Grace, on your senior year and upcoming graduation. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.



Please enjoy a sample of Grace’s photo session.


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Brett-Class of 2014

I had the great honor to photograph Brett this past weekend. What an awesome guy! We had a great time shooting his senior photos in downtown Tacoma near the Museum of Glass and UW Tacoma. Brett is a terrific athlete (this season on the football field) and so fun loving. As you can see from this small sample from his senior session, Brett is all smiles and spreads joy to all he comes in contact with. I can hardly wait ’til we meet up for the second half of his senior session. I am calling it the “stadium shoot”, where we will be concentrating on all things football. Enjoy these few photos of Brett, and stay tuned for round two!

Congratulations, Brett! We wish you the very best for your senior year and all that life will bring you. You truly are a light in this world.



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Doug’s Senior Photographs

Just realized that we did not post senior photographs for Doug, who graduated from Puyallup High School in June.  We are so sorry for not doing this earlier.

So….our congratulations go out to our new friend, Doug.  One of the things like that I love about photographing young people is their unique sense of identity. Sometimes, they don’t even know who they are yet, but that is the challenge I love-to bring out something that says who they are. Doug’s quiet intensity is captured well in these photographs and I wish him all the best in life.



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Brittney and Ashley-PHS Twin Graduates

This week I had the unique opportunity to photograph two lovely ladies, twins,  getting ready to graduate from Puyallup High School.  I met up with Brittney and Ashley early on Thursday morning on Ruston Way along the waterfront. It was a beautiful day! Bright and sunny and warm. Brittney and Ashley were a joy to shoot! Very energetic and willing to pose in all kinds of crazy ways.  It was a great day and a great session! We ended our morning with photos at the Museum of Glass, then off to Starbucks to complete an amazing Senior Shoot.  I can’t wait to deliver these grads their portfolios and have them share with their family and friends. Congratulations girls! PHS class of 2013!!!

Best wishes to you both,




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Day vs. Evening: Which Engagement Photo is Right for You?

Enagement Photographs





Today, I have a guest blogger writing for me. I would like to introduce Anna K. from Simply Bridal to offer our readers some commentary on engagement photography.


We love engagements photos because they are the most relaxed wedding shoots you will encounter during your wedding journey. That’s because they show the bride and groom in their most relaxed state with the person they love. Now, brides and grooms have a choice of having their engagement photos done during any time of the day or night. However, selecting when to have your picture taken can be difficult. Have no fear though because we’re going to help you decide.


Choose a daytime shoot if…

You love the outdoors. Outdoor shots work best during the daytime. They are also particularly good if you plan on showcasing any activities on your photo shoot.

You are a traditionalist. Your wedding is going to be by the book, right down to the engagement photos. After all, Grace Kelly’s engagement pictures were taken in the light and who are you to argue with a princess?


Choose an evening shoot if…

You’re a city dweller. Bright lights plus big city equals a great backdrop for a night-time shoot. We love to see pictures taken with the city’s lights used as a backdrop. There are very few engagement photos that can compete with the lights and sights of London, Chicago or Paris.

You’re trendy. Very few engagement photos are taken and night, so the couples that opt for this style of pictures are ahead of the curve. Don’t be surprised if you find these photos better suited for an art gallery than a wedding album.


Mix and Match if…

You love to tell a story. Another big thing in engagement photos is storytelling. This is when couples use their shoot to tell a story over the course of a day. For the best effects, a mixture of daytime and night-time shots should be used to show a natural progression of your story.

Engagement photos are the first chance couples have to show the world who they are as a couple. Yet, deciding on what kind of photos are right for you is easier said than done. One thing is for certain, whichever you choose, be sure you love it as much as you love each other. is an online retailer of wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and bridal accessories. Based in Los Angeles, California, we now ship to 25 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.


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Mark – Puyallup High School Class of 2012

Wow! What a fun and energetic senior photo shoot I had with mark! For an early spring day, we were blessed with the perfect overcast, but bright weather that photographers long for.  Mark is a great guy who loves music, specifically Rush, as you will surely notice from his choice of rocker T-shirts.  He is a gifted bass player and shows off his beautiful Rickenbacker.  I love photographing teens! They have such an introspective impression of themselves, and all they want to do is express it.  Capturing their youthful, yet sometimes quirky personalities is what I enjoy most.  And with Mark, his cute “smirk” was my favorite expression. Thanks, Mark, fr a great day and your willing attitude.  This is why I love my job:)



Lynette McKenna





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Whelan Grandkids 2011

This one is for our parents.

Merry Christmas!

Chris & Lynette


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Franklin Pierce Senior Prom 6-04-11

Our son Joseph asked us if we could take some photographs of him and his friends before their senior prom last night (they attend Franklin Pierce High School). We were only happy to oblige, so we took them down to the Tacoma Waterfront to get a few formals and a few candid shot.

While I’d love to post all of them here, I don’t want to give it all away. But here are a few of them for your viewing pleasure.





P.S. If you are a school planner or ASB representative, remember that we can be the on-site photographer for all your formal events (i.e., homecoming, prom). No longer are you stuck with impersonal, “box-store”, factory-like photographer. You can support a local business and get better shots, better pricing, and a better selection of products for your attendees. Call for details.


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Joseph – Puyallup Senior Portrait Photographer

Good morning,

Today I am posting a few photographs that we took of Joseph for his senior portraits.

Joseph is a senior at Franklin Pierce High School and a soon-to-be-graduate of Pierce College too! He has been attending Pierce College under the Running Start program and will also earn his Associates Degree this year.

We had the opportunity to photograph Joseph on 3 different days–2 of which we basically mini sessions when both he and I were in Seattle for various reasons. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to get a few shots in Seattle, we took a few at the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field, Kerry Park on Queen Anne, and the Pike Place Market. The remainder of our shots were here in Puyallup at a few different locations.

We also designed and had a senior book printed for Joseph, but I’ll save those images for another post.

Thanks, Joseph, for being such an awesome kid, and we wish you all the best for much success at WSU.




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