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Jill and Brenden

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! Hope you are all home safe and sound on this Friday night.

Chris and I had the great pleasure of shooting a wedding last weekend. Jillian and Brenden were married in Steilacoom, WA in front of the beautiful Puget Sound on an old time bandstand with their family and friends all watching with joy in their eyes.

Jill tried very hard to stay out of sight of her soon to be husband, and was successful!! Woohoo!! This was not an easy task. Brenden’s first look at Jill was as she was being escorted by her father down the grassy isle. His smile was golden. She was breathtaking. It was a great event, one we will not soon forget.

I hope you enjoy some of the photo selections I chose for their blog. Congratulations, you guys! I hope Chicago treats you well:)

~Lynette and Chris

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Molly’s Bridal Shower

It was a gorgeous day for a tea party.

This past Saturday, my soon to be daughter-in-law, Molly, attended her bridal shower on Lake Samish in Bellingham, WA. Given to her by her besties, Kelsey and McKena, it was a gala event. Beautiful job, ladies!!

There was a spread of scented sweet peas to decorate the lovely tea cup laden table, chocolate covered strawberries, the best cucumber sandwiches I have ever had, a wonderful broccoli salad, lemon bars, champagne, and of course, tea.

Molly was lavished with beautiful and thoughtful gifts. We played fun bridal shower games (with prizes of course). We enjoyed the sun and each others company.

Congratulations, Molly! I can’t wait to see you married to my son!:) He is a lucky man.

Here are a few photos from this grand gathering. Enjoy

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Please Hire A Professional

A friend of mine, not too close of a friend, texts me on Sunday that she “photographed a wedding this weekend and I hope the pictures turn out.” Hope the pictures turn out? Really?

Please, please, hire a professional! Don’t trust your amateur friends just because they have a nice camera. They have no idea what they are doing. Yes, its nice to save a few dollars, but if you want your special day captured in photos (or video) properly, don’t entrust them with your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Trust me, your friendship is not worth losing because your pictures didn’t turn out.



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Kari & Michael – Sumner Wedding Photographer

Greetings friends,

Well, its been a while since we posted anything. And once again for that I am sorry. Its not because we’re trying to neglect, just so much to do and so little time to do it as they say.

Anyway, we wanted to take a few minutes this morning and post a few photographs (and a video) from one of our favorite weddings this year. This is Kari and Michael, an absolutely wonderful couple who were married last on September10. That is 9/10/11. The bride and groom are both amazing people and we thank them for the privilege of being their photographers. It was an honor.

Their ceremony took place at Sumner Presbyterian Church and their reception at the McMillian Grange. Occasions Catering provided the reception dinner and as always did a fabulous job. This time video was captured by Johnson Video and not McKenna Video.

We wish Kari & Michael all our best for many happy years together.





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Melanie & Tyler – Tacoma Wedding Photography

A great big congratulations go out to Melanie and Tyler, who were married in late February. (I know that this post is late but we were waiting for the new website to go live before posting).

We were very fortunate that the weather broke for us, no rain but definitely not a warm day! The happy couple and the wedding party were incredible as they braved the cold, and we thank them for that. We did not want to go to plan b if the weather had been like it was earlier in the week-heavy rain.

We started the day at the Snoqualmie Ridge Golf and Country Club in Snoqualmie, Wa. for their preparation and formal photographs. From there we moved to Lake Sawyer Christian Church in Black Diamond for a beautiful candle lit ceremony and then back to Snoqualmie Ridge for the reception.

We hope that you enjoy a preview of their photographs.

And finally, a great big shout out to Carol’s Maple Valley Floral, Marni Good Coat Check Complete, Crown Limousine, Something Delicious Bakery & Espresso and Music Plus Lance Daly for doing all that you did to make this wedding a big hit!

Enjoy the photographs and thank you for the honor of being your wedding photographer.



Ramsey_Scott-0070 copy.jpgRamsey_Scott-0082 copy.jpgRamsey_Scott-0095 copy.jpgRamsey_Scott-0165 copy.jpgRamsey_Scott-0225 copy.jpgRamsey_Scott-0237 copy.jpgRamsey_Scott-0289 copy.jpgRamsey_Scott-0349 copy.jpgRamsey_Scott-0373 copy.jpgRamsey_Scott-0525 copy.jpgRamsey_Scott-0612 copy.jpgRamsey_Scott-0975 copy.jpg

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Bryttani and Matt (Tacoma Wedding Photograhy)

A little montage from the last wedding we photographed this year: Bryttani & Matt. Matt is the son of our good friends Mary & Kirk, and we were privileged to have been their photographers. Thank you for choosing us.

This wedding took place in Pt. Defiance Park, in Tacoma, Wa. We could not have asked for better weather, especially after a week of almost non-stop rain.

Bryttani & Matt, congratulations to you two! May you have many happy years together. And enjoy the video.



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Teresa and Greg – Tacoma Wedding Photography

Our congratulations go out to Teresa and Greg, married on September 18 at Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, WA (Tacoma).

If you remember (you may not-but I do), the weather was horrible for the entire week leading up to the wedding. In fact, I don’t ever recall seeing so much rain in such a short period of time–I believe that we set some records for rainfall that week. But I digress.

So, the weather was horrible and we were praying for sunshine. And guess what? It was sunny and dry on that Saturday morning. We were so happy that we would actually get to use the sunken gardens for the ceremony. We proceeded as planned given the restrictions of the venue and started to take our photographs. And then, right in the middle of our formals, the skies opened up and it started to rain again.

Well, a little rain doesn’t stop us from getting great photos, which we did. So the following are some of the photographs that we managed to take that day.

We wish Teresa and Greg all our best and we look forward to working on designing your wedding album for you.





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Monica and Tim – Seattle Wedding Photography

Our congratulations go out to Monica & Tim, who were married a few weeks back in a beautiful ceremony at New Hope Baptist Church in Seattle, Wa.

We feel so blessed to have been honored with the task of photographing the weddings of so many great couples, and Monica and Tim were no exception. We have been looking forward to their wedding for such a long time and we weren’t disappointed in how wonderful their ceremony was, their reception, and their friends and family.

And a great big kudos to Events in the City for all they did to make this day in success. We look forward to working with you again.




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A Wedding Album – Tacoma Wedding Photographer

Hi everyone,

Well, we have been in the midst of a very busy wedding season again this year. I LOVE IT!!

I am also in love with this wedding album that we designed and I thought that I would post the images for you to view. The photographs contained in this album are from Dee and Zac’s wedding.

You too, can have an album like this for your wedding or other event-just call me and we’ll discuss how.



Page 00-01.jpgPage 02-03.jpgPage 04-05.jpgPage 06-07.jpgPage 08-09.jpgPage 10-11.jpgPage 12-13.jpgPage 14-15.jpgPage 16-17.jpgPage 18-19.jpgPage 20-21.jpgPage 22-23.jpgPage 24-25.jpgPage 26-27.jpgPage 28-29.jpgPage 30-31.jpg

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Kari and Derrick – Tacoma Wedding Photogapher

We had the privilege of photographing Kari and Derrick’s wedding a few weeks ago, and oh boy, how much fun was that day!

It was a very warm day, and fortunately, we were able to shoot all (ok, most) of our formals in the shade of a beautiful tree at their friends house. We also had the benefit of a fully restored, and loud 1938 Chevy to use in some of our photos.

Kari & Derrick’s ceremony and reception was held at the Tacoma Sportsman Club, in Tacoma, WA. Over the course of the day, it was obvious to us how much this great couple love each other and their friends, and we thank you both for the opportunity and the honor of being your photographer.

Blessings to you both.



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