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Kona, Hawaii Part II

Greetings again,

My last post had a lot of the underwater photographs I took while diving out of Kona, Hawaii. Because this was primarily a dive trip for me there was not much time to take a lot of landscape and architectural photographs. However, we did manage to get out of the water a few times and snap a couple of photos here and there.

For your enjoyment, I have posted a few here.



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New Years Eve on the Beach

Huh? New Years Eve?? It’s now September-isn’t it? I think so, so what business is it of mine to post something from New Years Eve? 

Well, it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want. And since I haven’t posted these pictures anywhere yet, and since I’m bored tonight, I thought maybe I’d share a few photographs from a trip to the beach that Lynette and I took last NYE.

So enjoy. And as always, blessings to you. And if you don’t like the selfies, too bad. Hahaha. 😉


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Shot of the Day 12/07/13

Good morning, friends!

Today, I am posting a photograph I took exactly 2 weeks ago as I stood atop the Steptoe Butte overlooking the Palouse. It was a very cold morning, about 19 degrees, but very clear. From this vantage point (about 3600 feet above sea level, you can see the entire Palouse region, the other buttes in the area and the some of the nearby mountains in Idaho, and northward up onto Mt. Spokane. In this particular photo, you are looking down to the south onto the small town of Steptoe.

In this photograph, I love the colors in the rolling hills, moving from green to the brownish tan, and the blue of the sky.

Enjoy and blessings,




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Shot of the Day 10/11/13

This is one of the first landscape photographs I took with a true DSLR camera. Back in 2005 or so, this was taken on Lake Chelan, WA.

Honestly, this is not one of my favorites, primarily because the shutter speed I used on this shot was way too high. Ordinarily, I would have like to set the camera up on a tripod and slow the shutter down to give me a nicer look on the surface of the water, but alas I did not have my tripod with me on this trip. Nevertheless, I love the colors and wanted to share anyway.




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Shot of the Day 9/02/13

Happy Labor Day to you.

As we start another new month, I have been reflecting on the previous month a bit. Among many things I contemplated, one of the things I noted was the absolutely gorgeous sunsets that occurred throughout the month. August seemed to have one right after another. Unfortunately for me,  I was never in a very position to get a really stunning shot-that is one with a beautiful locale, subject, or point-of-view. But I did not want the sunsets to go away without me taking at least one photograph, so I decided to take the camera to my front yard to take a shot of one of the more spectacular sunsets.

Here it is.

Blessings on your week,



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Landscapes and Structures Page

Welcome to our new gallery: Landscapes and Structures

As I was working on a redesign and move to a new host, I found a lot of landscape photographs that I have taken over the last couple of years that “were lost.” And as I was going through them, I decided to add a new portfolio page to this website and add some of my newer work to that new gallery. So here it is.

And attached to this post are a couple of my new “old” favorites.





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Puyallup HDR

Good evening friends!

I have recently been taken in with HDR photography.  The dynamic resolution of this technique is mind-blowing.  But rather than a bunch of boring details about the how’s and why’s of it, I thought that I would post just a couple of test shots that I took around my hometown this last week.

The first is simply a condo building located above a community center. The photograph is not composed very well as I cut out the bottom of the building and the surrounding road to remove the trash and junk cars that were present at the time, and rather attempt to focus on the sky. The second is a shot of the Puyallup Public Library. Located in front of the building is a lone canopy from Puyallup’s first Farmers Market of the year. Sad, huh? Anyway, the focus is the building against a mean looking sky.

I will post more on the how’s and why’s later, but in the mean time enjoy the photographs.



Puyallup Activity Center-Small.jpgPuyallup Public Library-Small.jpg


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