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Kona, Hawaii Part II

Greetings again,

My last post had a lot of the underwater photographs I took while diving out of Kona, Hawaii. Because this was primarily a dive trip for me there was not much time to take a lot of landscape and architectural photographs. However, we did manage to get out of the water a few times and snap a couple of photos here and there.

For your enjoyment, I have posted a few here.



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Iceland 2017

Hi Everyone,

Back in late September, 2017, I traveled to Iceland for a few days with some friends after they completed teaching at one of their workshops on the island. We traveled to the Snæfellsnes peninsula for 3 days of intense shooting from the famous Budir Black Church, to the crashing coastlines, and ending up at the famous Kirkjufell mountain and waterfall.  We ended our last day at the lavafields at Hraunfossar and the Þingvellir National Park.

Iceland is a special place for me and even though I’ve been there only 2 times. As a landscape photographer I find myself longing to spend more and more time there and capture the beauty of the place before its gone forever or access to various places is restricted (which is a real possibility-thanks Justin Beiber).  As a human, I find God’s hand everywhere and I find my inner peace.

I look forward to my next trip, where this time I will spend up to 2 weeks traveling around the entire country.

I hope that you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.



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Iceland, Day 2

Today was pretty much a travel day, making our way from Reykjavik to Austerland on the Southeast coast. We only stopped a few times for bathroom breaks and such, but while in route managed to snap a few photographs along the way.

The last few photographs you’ll see in this gallery are from Glacier lagoon (Jökulsárlón), where the Vatnajokull Glacier empties into the Atlantic (almost).

Enjoy photographs from Day 2.



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Mt. Rainier, Part Deux

Last week, we decided to take another trip up to Mt. Rainier to hopefully get a few dramatic sunset pictures. Before we left, we looked at the sky and saw no clouds but we decided to go anyway as the mountain always gives great photo opportunities.

Enjoy, and blessings.




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Shot of the Day 11/02/13

Good morning, friends.

Today I am posting another autumn photograph. This particular shot was taken at Lincoln Park in Seattle a few weekends ago.

Lincoln Park is a place that my family frequently visited when I was a child and I have some fond memories of it. I have very vivid memories of the fall colors there, and I wanted to capture some of that again. This particular shot was more of the “yellow” color variety rather than the “orange” and “red” that  I was looking for, but that is ok because this shot is one of my favorites from this year. This was shot with my D800 and my 25-120mm lens, with adjustments made in lightroom for contrast, saturation and crop.

I want to apologize for the low resolution of this particular photo. I had been posting higher resolution photos all year because low res, small photographs just do not do any good shot justice, but I learned that one of my photographs was recently pirated and is making its way around the internet without my permission and without credit. So, I am forced to go back to the lower res versions until I get comfortable again posting larger files.

Until later, stay cool!


_DSC6537_38_41 copy.jpg

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Shot of the Day 10/25/13

Good morning, Friends,

Just a quick shot this morning of my favorite mountain, Mt. Rainier.

I took this shot a few years back during one of my excursions to the park. It is an HDR shot (more on that in another post). And in case any of you were wondering, yes, I do have prints available for sale.

Blessings and Happy Friday,




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