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Returning from New York

Hi gang.

Chris here. Just got back from New York (my favorite city) with the family. Got some amazing photographs–not nearly enough in terms of quantity for a photographer like me–but great nonetheless. I will get a post together and get them out in the next few weeks (or month).

Happy June to you!!!



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New York part I

Good evening, friends! I hope that you all had a great weekend and wonderful Monday.

I was looking over some photographs this past weekend and realized that we had not posted any of work from the New York trip we took earlier this year. So, here we go….

This post is part 1, and contains photographs I took there. Part 2 will be Lynette’s.

Included in these particular photographs are the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, the George Washington Bridge, the World Trade Center, the Intrepid Air Museum, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, various other shots of and around Manhattan, and of course a number of photographs of my beautiful wife, Lynette.

And by the way, a lot of the pictures are available on my Fine Art America site. Click here to open in a new window. Any proceeds from the sale of a World Trade Center picture are being donated to the World Trade Center Memorial Fund.



Brooklyn Bridge at Night copy.jpgBrooklyn Bridge BW copy.jpgChurch of Pompei copy.jpgdNYC - Fire Escapes copy.jpgDSC_0454 copy.jpgDSC_1104 copy.jpgEmpire State Building 1 copy.jpgEmpire State Building Vintage copy.jpgFlatiron-Vintage copy.jpgkNYC - Lynette 1381 copy.jpgLower Manhattan at Night copy.jpgLower Manhattan Panoramic copy.jpgLower Manhattan Sunset 3-1 copy.jpgManhattan at Night copy.jpgMYC - Misc1881 copy.jpgNYC - Building 1 copy.jpgNYC - Central Park Alice in Wonderland copy.jpgNYC - Central Park Beethoven copy.jpgNYC - Central Park Bridge Arch.jpgNYC - Central Park Conservatory copy.jpgNYC - Central Park copy.jpgNYC - Central Park Needle of Cleopatra copy.jpgNYC - Central Park Pano 2 copy.jpgNYC - Central Park Performers copy.jpgNYC - Church copy.jpgNYC - Church of Our Lady of Pompeii 2 copy.jpgNYC - Church Steeple 2 copy.jpgNYC - Church Steeple.JPGNYC - Empire State Building 2 copy.jpgNYC - Empire State Building 3 copy.jpgNYC - Empire State Building Spire copy.jpgNYC - ESB North copy.jpgNYC - ESB South copy.jpgNYC - Federal Hall George Washington copy.jpgNYC - Fire Escapes 2 copy.jpgNYC - Flatiron 3 copy.jpgNYC - George Washington Bridge copy.jpgNYC - George Washington Bridge Pano Vintage copy.jpgNYC - Imported from Brooklyn copy.jpgNYC - Intrepid 1 copy.jpgNYC - Intrepid 2 copy.jpgNYC - Intrepid Airplane 1 copy.jpgNYC - Intrepid Airplane 2 copy.jpgNYC - Intrepid Airplane 3 copy.jpgNYC - Intrepid Airplane 4 copy.jpgNYC - Intrepid Airplane 5 copy.jpgNYC - Intrepid Concorde copy.jpgNYC - Intrepid F16.jpgNYC - Intrepid USS Growler copy.jpgNYC - John Watts copy.jpgNYC - Lady Liberty copy.jpgNYC - Lower Manhattan Pano copy.jpgNYC - Lynette 2.jpgNYC - Lyntte 1.jpgNYC - Manhattan South copy.jpgNYC - Misc 1166.jpgNYC - Misc 1892 copy.jpgNYC - Misc 1899 copy.jpgNYC - Misc 2270 copy.jpgNYC - Misc 2403 copy.jpgNYC - Misc 2476 copy.jpgNYC - NYSE copy.jpgNYC - Restaurant copy.jpgNYC - Rockefeller Center Statue copy.jpgNYC - Statue copy.jpgNYC - Statue of Liberty 1 copy.jpgNYC - Statue of Liberty 2 copy.jpgNYC - Subway copy.jpgNYC - Taxis copy.jpgNYC - Times Square 2297 copy.jpgNYC - Times Square copy.jpgNYC - TOTR North copy.jpgNYC - TOTR South copy.jpgNYC - Trinity copy.jpgNYC - Union Square copy.jpgNYC - Washington  Monument copy.jpgNYC - Washington Monument 2 copy.jpgNYC - Washington Monument Color copy.jpgNYC - Washington Monument Squirrel copy.jpgNYC - Waterway Taxi copy.jpgNYC - WTC 1183 copy.jpgNYC - WTC 1210_1_2_3_4_5_6 copy.jpgNYC - WTC at Night copy.jpgNYC - WTC North Pool copy.jpgNYC - WTC One copy.jpgNYC - WTC Pool copy.jpgNYC - WTC South Pool copy.jpgNYC -Staton Island Ferry.jpgWTC copy.jpg
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