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Cat’s Senior Shoot #4-Soccer

This has been a beautiful week for bright sunshine. I love rummaging through my glove compartment to find some much needed sun glasses:). Sun is not always a photographer’s best friend, though. It can be the source of washed out photos with squinty eyed subjects. That being said, Caitrin and I needed to get her soccer portraits out of the way before uniforms had to be turned in, so yesterday was the day. Cat (Caitrin’s field name) did her part by securing the school field and showing up with her uniform, letterman’s jacket, cleats and a ball. I brought all of my needed gear, except for a warm pair of gloves. I’ll make sure to put those in my camera bag for the next cold weather shoot. Here is what Cat and I came up with for some unusual still and action shots. I used the bright sun for some interesting busts and streaks. Thanks for braving the wind chill for me, Caitrin. Congratulations on a season record of 16 goals, 11 assists and the honor of All SPSL 1st team; the best way to end a great high school career!

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Caitrin’s Senior Shoot #2

Today, Caitrin and I headed to the thriving metropolis of Downtown Puyallup:) Caitrin thought that an urban setting would be a  good backdrop to her choice in attire for her second senior shoot, and due to a limited time schedule (she is  busy girl) we needed to shoot somewhere close by.  If you have been following, we have decided to try something different with Caitrin; a session each month, to fully document her senior year. I have to admit, it has been  difficult to get a shoot in so often, but we are determined. I hope you enjoy a few of my selected examples of this beautiful young lady. She is a treasure!


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Rockin’ the “Dock”!!

Last night’s gig was awesome at Rock the Dock (http://www.rockthedockpub.com/) in Tacoma, WA on Dock street! Once again Blurred Vision (http://www.blurredvisionrocks.com/about_us.html)  did not disappoint. This is a band with true talent from their bangin’ vocals to their rockin’ instruments. I always love seeing my buddies from Rogers High class of 1984, Brent Ferguson (lead vocal/harmonica) and Scott Brown (wailing electric guitar). Last night I had the chance to meet the rest of the band: Barbara (vocals), Kevin ( electric guitar/vocals), Tim (bass/vocals), Don (drums/vocals) and Mark (keyboard/vocals). Check them out on Facebook (https:/www.facebook.com/pages/Blurred-Vision-Rocks/108613333472). Please enjoy some of the pictures from last night event. And watch for Blurred Vision’s next gig details.


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2014 Girl Soccer Jamboree

Enjoyed watching our Franklin Pierce High School girls battle on the field against Puyallup High and Auburn Riverside.  Opening Jamboree for the 2014 season. Please enjoy some of a few pics of our lady Cards in action.

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Love the Longboard

Last week, I had the great pleasure to photograph Jonny for his senior portraits. I had never met Jonny before that afternoon, but I could tell, the minute I saw him, that he was a guy with charisma. He mentioned that he loved to longboard, so, of course, I had to ask if he had is longboard with him. He said it was in the car. “Wanna get it?” I asked him.  I think I surprised him…pleasantly. The look of joy on his face when he came riding down the path on his board was priceless! I love shooting seniors, especially when they are engaged in something they love. We got a few action shots, just for fun, to round out his session. It was a great shoot!

Jonny and Kate, I had a great time with both of you! Thanks for the entertainment:) And I hope you enjoyed your weekend at the Dave Matthews concert!!





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Caitrin’s Senior Photos

It was a beautiful afternoon at Owen Beach at Pt Defiance! A beautiful day for a beautiful young woman to have her senior portraits done. Caitrin will be starting her senior year at Franklin Pierce High School this fall. We have decided to try something different with her. Cat and I will be spreadng her senior session out over the course of the school year, shooting a mini session each month, and taking advantage of the many different sports and activities she has as well as all of the seasons throughout the year. This was our first session: Casual day at the beach. Look for some of Cat’s future sessions, as well: soccer, rainy day, snowy winter, Seahawks special and formal Prom. Thanks, Caitrin, for a great time out! You are a terrific model with an afinity for fun:) Here’s to a great senior year!!


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Alden-PHS 2014

Recently, I had the distinct honor of photographing Alden for his senior year. What an amazing young man!  Alden is gifted in the arts, so it was only fitting that he wanted his shoot at the Puyallup High School Performing Arts Center, where he spends much of his time. This was a unique location for me to shoot a senior, and I was so pleased with the unique backgrounds this location had to offer.

Thank you for the opportunity to honor your career at PHS, Alden.  It was a pleasure to meet you and your family.  Best wishes to you and your successful future.



Alden-Low res (33 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (13 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (1 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (16 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (24 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (3 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (17 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (6 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (9 of 34).JPGAlden-Low res (26 of 34).JPG




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Tacoma Nights

Over these past few months, I have been tackling an assignment for a continuing education course I am taking. This lesson is all about night time photography. This is a new genre for me, so in an effort to round out my photography skills, I gladly took this on.

Below is a compilation of photographs I took last weekend (when the weather was better) downtown Tacoma at and around the Museum of Glass. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at night photography.


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Girls Soccer-FPHS vs. Sumner

It has been a great soccer season for the Franklin Pierce high School girls, and they are now preparing for the last couple of regular season games.  Looks like they will be on to the play offs in November! These ladies have put in great effort and tremendous sportsmanship this year. With all of their hard work and new coaching staff (thanks Coaches Green and Pich!) they are poised for a quality record this year. Please enjoy a few photos from Thursday’s game against the powerhouse, Sumner.

Go Cards!


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New Testimonial

Hey everyone,


Just wanted to share a note we received from another happy client. It is brief, but valid. It reads:

“Thank you again for everything! You are an artist with the camera…love ALL the pictures. It will be difficult to choose.  ~ Tricia L.”

Thanks Tricia for your kind words. And that you for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful daughters.




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