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Amber – Class of 2009

We have known Amber and her family for a number of years and have watched her grow into a very nice young lady. She will graduate from Emerald Ridge High School this coming June.

We were honored to be asked to take Amber’s Senior Portraits, some of which can be viewed below. We shot these photographs in and around Tacoma a few weeks back, luckily dodging the rain showers!

Thank you, Amber, for the opportunity to take your senior photographs and all our best for a wonderful future!


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Alyssa and Brandon: The Movie (Tacoma Wedding Photographer)

Ok, well maybe not a feature length movie. But certainly a small montage of their wedding photos (you can see more pictures earlier in this blog).

We were blessed to have photographed their wedding late last year and we thought it might be nice to create this short montage of some of their photographs to help tell the story of their special day.

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Alyssa and Brandon

It was a great privilege for us to be asked to photograph Alyssa & Brandon on their wedding day. They were married just after Thanksgiving at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Tacoma. It was a beautiful and blessed ceremony followed by a great reception.

We want to thank Alyssa and Brandon for the honor and wish them all our best for many happy years together. (BTW-your daughter is adorable!)

Christ’s blessing,

Chris & Lynette.

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Sinead says “I do” to Kevin

Sinead and Kevin were married at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church on October 18, 2008. This was my first “destination wedding” and I was very happy to take a part in documenting their day. Kevin and Sinead are a great couple and I know that they will be very happy together.

I wish them all my best for many happy years together.

God’s riches and blessings,




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Jane and Duane got Married!

Jane and Duane have a great story about how they met, fell in love, and decided to get married. They are both wonderful people, with great kids, great family and great friends. We were made to feel so welcome and were honored to be chosen as their photographer for their wedding.

We wish them all the best for many happy, happy years together.

God’s blessings on you both.


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2008 Baby and Children Photographs

Ok, in my first blog I said that I was going to repost all that I had posted in 2008, but I am now finding that it may be too much. So I decided to condense my 2008 baby and children photographs into 1 or 2 posts of my favorites from last year and post them that way. It will be easier for me and it may be easier for you to view.



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Whitney – A Professional Model Photography Session

I had the priveledge of photographing Whitney, a professional model. She needed some simple shot for a portfolio that she was putting together and I was happy to help. Below are a couple of the photographs that I took of her.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and I look forward to doing so again.

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Gabe – Class of 2008


Original post June, 2008.

Gabe was a great sport! With less than 1 week to go before graduation, we were a little rushed but still able to snap some wonderful photographs of him. Everyone was worried about the rain, but we managed to dodge the showers and get prints back to him and his family before the ceremony and their graduation party. Congratulations, Gabe, and best wishes for a bright future.

Below are just a few of the great photographs from his sitting.



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Hello blogging world!

Hello world. Hope that this post finds you well.

Well, let me be honest for a moment. I have known about blogs–and I’ve been using them for a while. I had my photo blog entwined with that of my other business and thus it got lost. So this is my effort to untangle them and keep my photo efforts on their own. You may see some video on this site, but the video is to highlight my photography and not the video portion of myself-although recognition for my video is always welcome 🙂 .

So here we go…

First, an introduction. My name is Chris McKenna. I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember. I remember picking up my fathers 35mm SLR camera when I just a wee lad, and probably broke it trying to figure out how it worked. Sorry Dad-I’ll replace it soon. Anyway, my parents gave me their old 110 camera when they moved into the Poloroids in the late 70’s, and I purchased my first SLR in the early 80’s and I have never looked back. Photography has always been my love, and right now it is my passion. I love digital photography and what it allows me to do. I am currently a member of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (www.wppionline.com) and the Pierce County Professional Photogaphy Association (www.pcppa.net) and am just three photographs shy of earning my Professional Photographers Certificate from the New York Institute of Photography.

In 2004, my wife and I started McKenna Video Services (www.mckennavideo.com) and were up and operating in 2005. We are now heading into our 5th year in business and we are happy to have made it this far. Operating in Puyallup, WA has had its challenges, but we love what we do and will push through those. In 2007, we formed MVS Wedding Productions (www.mvsweddings.com) to focus on wedding video as well as photos.

Like photography, my video background began over 20 years ago and over the years we have continued to hone our editing and shooting skills as technology has evolved. We are currently members of the Association of Video Professionals (www.aovpros.com) and WEVA International (www.weva.com) as well as a handful of business memberships including the Puyallup/Sumner Chamber of Commerce. Besides video production, which can be quite expansive (including weddings, corporate training, web video, trade show video, memorials/funerals, etc.), we also create photo video keepsakes (montage), transfer 8mm and 16mm film to DVD, convert video tape (VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi-8, beta, mini-dv, and mini-dvd) to DVD, DVD/CD/Video Duplication, convert videotape to digital media (Quicktime .mov, Windows Media .wmv, and Flash .flv), limited digital media recovery, slides and photographs to .jpg, and many other services. If you don’t see it listed here, that doesn’t mean that we don’t do it, but if we don’t chances are we know someone who does. And all of our services can be customized, personalized, and individualized to create exactly the video that our customer wants-something that the competition won’t do. We plan to use this forum to help educate our customers and to share our thoughts on certain subjects.

In the next week or so, you will see a number of posts from me as we plan to migrate posts from the last year on the other service, share some customer comments about our photography, post helpful hints and insights, and other topics related to photography.

God’s blessings on your day,


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